BY Sandra Appiah, 12:00am June 08, 2012,

Refugee Youth Organization, Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy, Announces Wine & Pasta Charity Event At New York’s SD26

Refugee Youth Organization, Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy, Announces Wine & Pasta Charity Event At New York’s SD26In an effort to introduce new supporters to the international refugee youth charity Boys' & Girls’ Towns of Italy (BGTI) the organization is hosting a wine and pasta tasting fundraising event at the exclusive New York Italian restaurant, SD26, located at 19 East 26th Street in New York City. The event will be held on the evening of June 13, 2012 from 6-9 PM and tickets can be purchased for $125 online from BGTI.

“We believe in the power of community and the possibility of human development. This event is an invitation to friends new and old to participate in a global community of people concerned about the human impact of war, poverty, and sex and human trafficking,” said Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy Executive Director Carrie Sackett.

BGTI employs the innovative approach of self-government to allow migrant and refugee youth from all over the world to learn vital skills needed to integrate into, and contribute to society as active, self-reliant adults.

“When we invest in these kids capacity to grow, to practice democracy, to learn responsibility and respect, we are investing in a better future for everyone,” said BGTI Chairman of the Board Mauro Romita.

BGTI was founded in 1945 through the partnership of a visionary in youth development and community-building—Monsignor Carroll-Abbing—and Americans from all walks of life who provided the funding to build and sustain the Towns.

Boys' & Girls' Towns of Italy, with headquarters in New York, NY is a volunteer-driven community of Americans committed to empowering refugee youth from across the world. Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy's single-minded goal is to raise funds for this innovative youth development program with a proven track record of over 65 years.

BGTI can also be found on Facebook and YouTube. BGTI is located at 250 East 63rd Street, Suite 204 New York, NY 10065 and can be reached at 212-980-8770.

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