Rising content creator Alexa Beckford shocked she was Ice Spice’s stand-in for Super Bowl commercial

Stephen Nartey February 15, 2024
Alexa Beckford said she was turned into Ice Spice. Image: TikTok / @alexabeckford

Content creator Alexa Beckford was taken aback when she discovered she was Ice Spice’s stand-in for a Starry soft drink Super Bowl commercial. Beckford, initially confident in her role, was surprised to learn about her doppelgänger status only when the rapper arrived on set.

In a viral TikTok video, she expressed her surprise at the lack of prior information for such an important life-changing experience, according to the New York Post.

“I’m cosplaying Ice Spice for the Super Bowl and I was just gonna find out in the middle of watching the game?” Beckford, who thought she was the star of the commercial, said in a viral TikTok clip. “Travis Kelce, cut. Taylor Swift, cut. Me as Ice Spice … huh?”

In her viral 3-minute video posted on Tuesday, February 13, which has garnered 5 million views, Beckford, a resident of Los Angeles, California, recounted her experience on set.

Mentioning that this was her debut appearance in a television commercial, Beckford expressed her astonishment at being chosen as Ice Spice’s stand-in. Arriving on set expecting a regular day’s work, Beckford found herself in for a surprise. In her video, she described how she initially felt like a movie star, reading lines on a couch.

However, her shock peaked when she noticed the script was labeled “Starry Super Bowl promo,” realizing her commercial would air during the Super Bowl.

“Who was going to tell me this was for the Super Bowl?” the UGC creator continued. “Then all of a sudden I hear someone say, ‘The talent is here. Where do you want her to sit?’”

Beckford, 22, expressed confusion upon learning that she wasn’t the star of the commercial, having practiced her lines all day. She was surprised to discover that Bronx native rapper Ice Spice was the talent. The next day, Beckford transformed into the songstress, donning a signature ginger curly wig and an all-black Y2K outfit on set.

“They turned me into Ice Spice,” Beckford revealed.

She shared excerpts of the commercial in her TikTok, showing the moments when her neck made its significant appearance.

“I didn’t even care that the only part of me being shown was my neck,” she told The Post. “My neck is in her superstar era, OK!”

Despite the proximity required for the scene, she revealed that she barely interacted with Ice Spice on set, despite the necessity to swap places frequently.

The user-generated content (UGC) creator disclosed that she mustered the courage to speak to the “Munch” rapper later in the day. She recounted the interaction on TikTok, sharing how she finally exchanged greetings with Ice Spice during their last scene switch.

Despite the brevity of the exchange, Beckford laughed about it. She expressed gratitude for the brief cameo and looks forward to pursuing further on-camera opportunities.

“It’s been a dream to be on television since I was a kid,” she gushed to The Post, then joking, “Hopefully, my next commercial features my eyebrow or maybe even an ear lobe, if I’m lucky.”

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