Scientists Create Steak from Human Feces

Dewan Farhana July 08, 2011

Scientists in Japan have developed a way to make edible steak from human waste.

Scientists Create Steak from Human Feces

With proper processing and elimination of harmful bacteria, these scientists created a “steak” that is a healthy alternative, which includes 63 % percent proteins, 25 % percent carbohydrates, 3 % percent lipids, and 9% minerals. 

Scientists Create Steak from Human FecesThe Tokyo Sewage System approached Japanese scientists to test whether the overflow of sewage can be useful in other ways. The scientists, led by Mitsuyuki Ikeda, demonstrated that human feces are rich in protein. These scientists extracted this protein, added soy protein and food coloring, and the result was an edible steak-like substance.

It has been tested and most test subjects have stated that it tastes like beef.

Researchers believe that this may be a solution to over population and may lead to a reduction of waste and emission. The “steaks” have fewer calories and may be available at prices equal to or less than a normal steak.  owever, its success all depends on if people can get over the “ick” factor of the food.

So who knows, perhaps by next summer, there will be a new type of “steak” on the menu!


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