Scribe Art: Controlled Insanity

Oluwatobiloba Awe October 06, 2011

The symbol of the mind trapped within the body
An exoskeleton a shell continuously applying force
Onto the inner sanctum the sinners mind
Trapped not only within the confines of the body
But in the grander scale trapped by restraints of the world
Trapped by the depictions of public perception
Popularity has been made priority over the abhorred insanity
If in truth it should be called insanity
To the enlightened mind one may say freedom
To the enslaved mind another may say madness
A prison has been created to hold within the monstrosity
And that prison is the silent persecution of the world
Either that or the public crucifixion of an empty shells scorn or mockery
Therefore the Insane must hide themselves lest they suffer the mutiny of being outcast


photo credit: Creattica

Last Edited by: Updated: March 25, 2016


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