The Perfect Fitted Pants for Men

Senami Atinkpahoun October 05, 2011

Q: What is the one piece no man should live without?
A: A pair of fitted pants/slacks…not jeans, but pants.

The Perfect Fitted Pants for MenSo, How many of you ‘Suave’ men actually have a nice pair of fitted pants? At first I expected something like a good suit or something corny like that but when you think about it a pair of nice pants can be the fundamental item for a perfect outfit. Not only can it be topped with any shirts such as T-shirts, sweaters, button-ups and blazers, but also any type of shoe like boots, oxfords, loafers, boat shoes, or sneakers.

I’m not saying that jeans are overrated. Every man needs a good pair of jeans-but pants are not only more comfortable than fitted jeans, they tend to add a different feel to an outfit, giving it more of a classy casual feel. A good thing about pants is that they come in such a variety of colors. I sometimes get the feeling that men are scared of color so they stick to the basics: demin blues and black. But a grey, tan, blue, rust or green pair of slacks can liven things up. The variety of colors would make any wardrobe more versatile and functional. Its not only stylish, its bold and who doesn’t like a bold man?

The Perfect Fitted Pants for MenMy favorite type of men’s pant is the Chino/Khaki pant made of Chino cloth, which consist of twill fabric. Originally, it was made up of 100% cotton but today, it’s usually blended with polyester. While all chinos come with button fronts, there are numerous options available for the waist. Adjustable-waist chinos have an elastic band hidden in the waistband so they can be taken in or let out easily while having the appearance of a standard waistband. They come in different cuts including straight leg, boot cut, relaxed fit, skinny, straight and slim fits. Trousers and chinos are available at Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, and Topman.

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