See the first African-owned and published newspapers from the 1800s

The concept of newspapers was introduced into Africa by settled westerners as early as the 1770s. Before then, Africans communicated with each other in very different ways often using mediums such as drumming, stick striking or blowing of traditional horns to communicate relevant information.

In 1776, the first ever newspaper in Africa was created by the French in Mauritius as a means for the settlers to stay up to date with events from home as well as events of the French in Africa.

The paper was written in French and was called Annonces, Affiches et Avis Divers pour les Colonies des Isles de France et de Bourbon. On August 16, 1800, Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser, the second newspaper in Africa had been established by two slave traders in South Africa.

Although these newspapers are celebrated as some of the oldest in Africa, they were not African-owned and hence do not carry as much significance as the ones established by blacks and Africans.

Here are the first newspapers in Africa that were created by black Africans.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: April 23, 2019


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