Words To Live By: Love Yourself

Naomi Zabasajja June 05, 2014


Take it upon yourself
To be yourself
And love yourself
And know yourself
Better than anyone else
Have pride and decide that when tides are high
You are more than willing to rise
Sharpen those talons to latch on to your goals but never stab yourself
And never be an option on one’s shelf
More so a prized possession only brought on great occasions
You’re not a concession

Take it upon yourself to respect yourself
And check yourself
And be the person you wanna be
No one else can satisfy or gratify your love for attention

But did I forget to mention
That the one person that should attend to you is you?

Yes, it’s true because a great man once said
Be content when you lie in bed and rest your head with thoughts that range from falling in love to dread
Because the storybook lines that disguise themselves as you
Are all you got

So before you drop it likes it’s hot
For a young man with no plan to please your needs
Who’s full of greed and has no intention to be all you please
Remember that gold weighs more than a handful of dirt
And integrity and dignity weigh more than hurt

And another wise man once said this sentence
There are no bunk beds in caskets
And when you’re cold and you get old don’t let yourself be bought or sold
Take it upon yourself to be not just all you can be
But all you know you should be

Everyone’s unique and some may seek ways to be things they weren’t meant to portray
But every human needs a few attributes that makes them suited for respectability:
Honesty, secrecy, benevolence, & relevance

So find the time to write a rhyme that truly speaks to the soul
And make yourself proud
Do things that not only do you good but show others you’re the person you know you should

So take it upon yourself to not make yourself cringe in the future
Take it upon yourself to love things and others for who and what they are
And take it upon yourself to be willing to make said changes to be able
To take things upon yourself.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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