Top Tips To Get Those Lips Ready for Puckering Up

Renarda Joy June 03, 2014

lip care tips

Nothing says, “Kiss me now,” more than a smooth lip! Three key qualities that keeps your smackers kissable are a plush, pillow-like appearance, a smooth surface, and an inviting, juicy hue. Today, Face2Face Africa will teach you how to have great lip smackers.

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lipsLet’s start with prepping our lips before we add lip color in three easy steps:

  1. Swipe on some lip balm, using your fingertips to massage it in. The conditioning agents in the balm will fill in the cracks in your lips. Work it in for 30 seconds or so.
  2. Run a dry extrasoft toothbrush or wet washcloth over your mouth to slough off dead skin. This is best done in the shower, because the steam will soften up any dry skin, making it easier for it to fall off.
  3. Blot your lips. If they still feel dry, then dab on a non-greasy lip balm.

And for those that need extra attention, try whipping up this special homemade lip concoction: Mix three teaspoons of Vaseline with one teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon. Store the mixture in an empty lip-balm pot (found at most beauty supply stores) and massage it on at night, leaving it on for 30 minutes. This combination should make your lips feel velvety.

Mac PrepApplying Color Like a Pro

  • Start with a lip primer. I love to use MAC Prep + Prime (pictured at right) on my clients, because it helps the color stay fresh for hours.
  • Make any gloss or lipstick last longer by adding a matching lip liner.  When the top layer (lipstick or gloss) fades off, the liner will still be on.
  • If you’re not a fan or can’t find a matching lip liner, try using an invisible lip liner. My go-to invisible lip liner is Benefit D’finer D’liner (pictured below).D'finer

In the past, Face2Face Africa has covered different hues that are great to try. Here, you can find out what their formulations are as well as their respective benefits before you head to the make-up counter.

Lip liner Pencil Adds depth, definition, prevents lip color from bleeding
Lipstick Matte Intense, shine-free, long wearing
Satin Moist finish, color intense
Sheer Translucent color, delicate shine
Lip gloss Pot, tube or wand Intense shine; see-through or  color depending on the formula


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