Don’t Become the Talk of Town! Use These Must-Have Tips for Shaving, Waxing

Renarda Joy July 31, 2014

shaving and waxing

Your body is the biggest beauty canvas you have, so treat it right, girls! Today, Face2Face Africa will discuss the below-the-belt parts that are kept under wraps (well, most of the time) by sharing tips on grooming your bikini line. So read on!

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With some of us being in the midst of summer, it is time to enjoy the beach and poolside parties — and I want to make sure that you’re the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

If You Shave…

• Make sure your blade is sharp and clean. Razors with at least three blades are the best because it less likely to leave any hairs behind.
• Try transparent shaving gel. A see-through gel will help you navigate your blade, because you will be able to see clearly where you’re going. Too much foam can create a visibility issue.
• Shave in the right direction. You want to shave in the direction of your hair growth toward the end of your shower. The steam from a warm shower will soften your hair and skin, making the process much easier.
• Tired of razor rash? Apply a soothing witch-hazel toner post-shave. If this doesn’t help, try using an antibiotic ointment.


Ingrown hairs can be a pain, but don’t pick at them; just massage the area with a cotton ball soaked in a glycolic or sailicylic-acid face cleanser. This method allows the top layer to slough off and opens the follicles for the trapped hair to pass through.

If You Wax…

• The pros suggest making sure your hair is at least one-quarter-inch long.
• When pulling off a wax strip, keep it as close and level to your skin as possible.
• The key is to prep your skin to calm the sting that comes along with waxing. Pat with cornstarch powder to help dull the discomfort.

Want to try something crazy cool for your guy? Buy a stenciling kit or use a bright lip line to draw a shape then shave around it.

I hope this helps you for the next time you plan on wearing swimwear. Everyone has their preferences, whether it’s shaving, waxing, or even au natural, so we’d like to hear yours.

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49 Percent of guys love it when you’re completely bare down there.
Source: RJNY Poll

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