A Poem for Africa

Christine Kariuki August 01, 2014


One thing I find incredible about African youth is that Africa is almost always at the center of their art — be it the beauty of the land, its people, or bad governance. This poem looks at the beauty of the African continent as well as the ills that taint this beauty, with the understanding that it will always be a place I call “home.”


A continent that I truly love
A continent, not only do I call home
But my heaven on earth
Rich brown fertile soil
Natural resources such as oil
Acres and hectares of green fields
Farms that have so much to yield
From the tropic savannahs

Uganda landscapes

The beautiful rainforests
Home for many bird species
Those that sing so loud and proud
To the lovely deserts and sand dunes
The never ending mountains and waterfalls
The wildlife and distinct nature
Home to thousands of different creatures

But beyond these oh so wonderful attractions
There is more to you than meets the eye

 The poverty stricken countries;
The corrupt governments and authorities
With leaders who leave us
With empty promises and apologies

 Droughts that crumble the entire plantation
That leaves us with a hungry population

Young kids with beautiful dreams and imagination
But growing up with little or no education

In circumstances of poor and troubled situations
With no water or proper sanitation

 Illness and diseases that leave all helpless
With limited assistance and medical access

And most of all a stigmatization of all sorts
That it is a land that bears all variations of problems


 With all this to bear and hold
All your beauty and all your flaws
You are my motherland.
A place I call home.

You took many generations from their knees
And made them stand strong and proud


 In my eyes,
You are where paradise lies
And through my generation
You live to see us unite,


Work together day and night
To see the time when you will light
And shine ever so bright.

 Today and always
I shout these words:

Je t’aime, Africaafrica3
Nda gukunda, Africa
Eu amo-te, Africa
Ndinokuda, Africa
Ke a go rata, Africa
Ana hibu ita, Africa
Mena tanda wena, Africa
Ana Behibek, Africa
Nkwagala, Africa
Nakupenda, Africa



Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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