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Six fun facts about the Cayman Islands you probably didn’t know

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Best Mudslide Cocktail Recipe - How To Make Mudslide Cocktail
Photo: Delish.com

Inventors of the mudslide cocktail

Are you familiar with the mudslide cocktail or ever heard of hit?  Well, the Wreck Bar and Grill at Rum Point goes down in history as the first place the cocktail was invented in the 70s.

The folk tale says that a customer ordered for a White Russian and unfortunately the bar man at the time was clueless. The customer gave him the ingredients, vodka, Kahlua, and cream so he can make one for him.

The barman then substituted cream with Irish cream instead because he had no real cream at the time and then the mudslide was born, literally. Now there are different variations of this cocktail that people love.


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