Spotlight: Botswana- Africa’s Landlocked Beauty

Sandra Appiah April 12, 2011

By: Collins Odogwu

Photo credit: CIA- The World Factbook (Featured); Lynn Johnson (Main)

Spotlight: Botswana- Africa's Landlocked BeautyBotswana, Africa’s landlocked beauty. In many ways it is one of the many success stories in African democracy since achieving its independence in 1966. The focus of most Africans when it comes to Southern African was always the rainbow nation, however not until recently have countries like Botswana come to the fore when fast facts like the GDP per capita trumps that of South Africa and Nigeria, which is a significant achievement for a country with just over 2 million people. Another major factor is the ever-rising GDP that theoretically means more money to go around the populace. These metrics reflect in the high standard of living, as well as increased educational and healthcare distribution. Earning it the name ‘Africa’s inland paradise’.

All that being said, Botswana is not for the faint of heart. Only seasoned travelers are advised to visit. Going through an excursion in Gaborone most of the vast land was mainly open bits of nothingness that required time and effort to traverse. Not to mention the expensive nature of the activities on hand. If you ever find yourself down in the Zebra nation make sure to visit The Okevango, Moremi Game Reserve and the main entry point to the Delta Maun. Maun has that buzzing feel of a big city with the air of it being one of the centers of opportunity for Botswana. Even with the continually developing status of the town the initial dusty nature goes a long way to remind you exactly what part of the world you are in.

Diamonds are its major export and to date 3 of the worlds richest diamond-bearing formations were found within its shores. Indeed ‘Bots’ as called by the locals, is a case study for the diamond trade being done right and almost and immediate answer to the concerns about conflict diamonds in the region.

Here is to Botswana our Spotlight country of the moment!

Spotlight: Botswana- Africa's Landlocked Beauty

Photo Credit: Kesetselemang Lolao

Spotlight: Botswana- Africa's Landlocked Beauty

Photo credit: Batshabelakae Mwezi









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