Tanzania’s First Lady Receives Treatment at a Public Hospital

Mark Babatunde November 11, 2016
President John Magufuli visits his wife Janet in a local hospital in Dar es Salaam. Photo Credit: Kenya Breaking News

Tanzania’s first lady Janet Magufuli is reportedly receiving medical treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es SalaamThe Citizen reports that President John Magufuli visited her at the Sewa Haji Ward, where she has been admitted, before going around the hospital to wish other patients a quick recovery.

A statement issued by the state house said Magufuli took time to speak to patients who thanked him for the steps taken by his government to improve the hospital.

President Magufuli made an unscheduled visit to the MNH facility shortly after his victory at the polls in last year’s election. On that visit, Magufuli was disappointed to find a number of patients sleeping on the hospital floor and several broken-down diagnosis machines. He would later fire the medical director of the hospital.

While it is not known what Janet is receiving treatment for, she said she “received good care from the doctors and nurses” noting that some of the previously broken down machines had been repaired or replaced.

The Magufuli’s decision to seek medical treatment in a local, public health facility says alot about their personal commitment to the ongoing reforms the present administration has instituted to improve healthcare in Tanzania.

Magufuli’s initiatives are a welcome departure from the trend of African leaders taking extreme measures to conceal their medical needs and history from the public.

President Magufuli, popularly known as “the Bulldozer,” has largely kept to his campaign promises of populist reforms, endearing him to many Tanzanians. His work and the dedication he has shown so far hasn’t gone unnoticed. He was recently nominated for the 2016 Forbes Person of the Year Award.

Last Edited by:Charles Gichane Updated: June 19, 2018


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