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The African Union Wants To Hear From You!

African youth are an invaluable asset, and the key to sustaining the continent’s development because of their creativity, drive, and aspirations.

African youth not only constitute a large share of the population, but are also at the center of societal transformation. However, youth are often excluded and pushed to the margins of the public sphere with inadequate and inequitable access to education, employment and other income generating opportunities.

The African Union Wants To Hear From  You!

In recent years, the youth population in Africa have been getting increasing attention from African leaders and their development partners. In February 2009, The Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union declared the years 2009-2018 as the Decade of Youth Development in Africa. This was done within the context of the outcomes and prospects related to the Year of African Youth 2008, and to facilitate the implementation of the African Youth Charter after its ratification at the continental level. 

Several commitments, policies, and programmes on youth development have been prioritized at national, sub-regional, regional, and global levels. However, these initiatives have yet to translate into the desired outcomes. 

The next African Union General Assembly Summit will meet in Equatorial Guinea from June 23 tot July 1, with the theme of "Accelerating Youth Empowerment for a Sustainable Development."

Taking into consideration the grave disconnect between African political leaders and African young people, Face2Face Africa is collaborating with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa to create awareness about the summit among African youth and integrate and articulate concerns/suggestions of young Africans in a non-conventional way. 

The aim is for young Africans to share experiences from their day to day stride towards making ends meet. Africans are encouraged to show their involvement in their countries socio-economic development, their understanding of youth empowerment, and the expectations of their government.

By submitting your views on what you understand by the term, "youth empowerment," and what African leaders need to do to ensure and accelerate youth empowerment, you not only voice your opinion, but also get a chance to become a Face2face Africa Youth Ambassador.

To become a Face2Face Africa Youth Ambassador, also like the facebook page below, and join the discussion with several youth:!/pages/Accelerating-Youth-Empowerment-for-a-Sustainable-Development/116306685120773?sk=info

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