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The Men’s Guide to Maintaining That “Sexy” Look

Who says men cannot maintain their youth? In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the sales of male beauty products.

The Men’s Guide to Maintaining That “Sexy” LookWhile men may not be as obsessed as women, Men want to look good too. However, many men are not willing to sit down for hours while somebody surgically lifts their face. In addition, time is tough and money is tight.

For all of those men who want to maintain a young, fresh and healthy look Men’s Health magazine recommends a few natural and painless tips that will not break the bank. Read them below.

Maintaining your youth: Let us be honest. Man or woman, no one wants the “wrinkled” look. Eating guavas three times a week could slow down the aging process. Guavas have more Vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C aids in reducing the free radicals responsible for aging.

Clear your eyes: With hard work comes less sleep and redder eyes. This is not the most attractive look. Making spinach a part of your meal three times a week can help reduce red eye by providing carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which help to clear the eyes.

Hold on to your hair: Most men cringe at the thought of losing their hair.  Balding can make some look older than they really are. You can slow down the process by eating the incredible, edible egg. Eggs are rich in iron, which can prevent hair loss; sulfur which can protect against brittle hair and vitamin B, which can decrease stress. MensHealth recommends six eggs a week. Avoid eating fried eggs.

Improve your skin: No woman wants to caress dry, scaly skin. Eating avocado once a week will help to replace the Vitamin E that is stripped from the skin by pollution, smoke, e.t.c.


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