These books help teach your kids about black consciousness

Ama Nunoo June 04, 2020
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It will be naive to assume that your children do not know what is happening in the world, especially the global protests to end violence against Blacks following the killing of George Floyd. Now at what point in time do you have “the talk” with your children on how to awaken their black consciousness?

This can be tricky because there are not enough words to exhaust this topic. Some books have tried to capture the essence of black consciousness, which might be a great way to start.

Children are curious. Some more than others, but what do you say when they begin asking the burning questions on race and equality that even you, as a black parent may not have answers to. Ever wondered how to talk to your children about race and discrimination while being as objective as you can be? Well there is no easy way to do so.

The following children’s books have been curated in a language that speaks to the nuances of being black and how to awaken your black consciousness. The books listed here are by no means exhaustive, but they equally rehash black history as it is and in a language that truly magnifies how beautiful it is to be black and proud.

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