These four factors hinder the long-cherished dream of a united Africa

Fatiatu Inusah May 24, 2019
These four factors hinder the long-cherished dream of a united Africa


Africa is still plagued with the canker of xenophobia. For a group of people who belong to the same continent with a common interest, it remains a shocking fact that xenophobia would count as a hindrance to achieving African unity. Xenophobia keeps re-emerging every now and then and does not seem to go away.

The phenomenon chiefly occurs in South Africa where xenophobia against other black Africans has plagued the country since the end of the racist apartheid era that saw white South Africans perpetrate racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against black people.

The immigrants normally targeted are from Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries who are accused of taking all the jobs and engaging in criminal activities, such as drug trafficking and theft.

Some South Africans including high-profile members of the government have justified taking measures against the growing number of foreigners who they believe would soon take over the country if nothing is done. It is the same situation in Zambia.

If nationals of one country in Africa feel threatened in another country on the same continent, then unity is indeed far-fetched.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: May 24, 2019


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