These Shoes are Made for Walking…(Part I-The Facts)

Mystery Jane November 20, 2011

The famous Nancy Sinatra pop song from her critically acclaimed album in 1966, “These Boots Are Made for Walking” can be transposed to describe the competitive world of Modeling. Like any other industry, there are barriers to entry and in this case, they are quite moderate as long as you meet the obvious specifications; height, weight, and the “look”…whatever that is. It’s more than that of course! If you qualify based on the highlighted specifications, the aspirant still has to learn the “walk.” Hence, the reference to Sinatra’s song and here’s my own interpretation of it; to step into the modeling world, the aspirant has to be prepared to walk “THE WALK” and talk “THE TALK.”

To approach this widely talked about topic, I had several ideas but I eventually narrowed them to two important questions; what are some of the facts and fictions of being a fashion model? and what are some helpful tips to use in breaking into this industry? Of course I did my research and speaking from personal experience both as a model and stylist, I can shed some light from my own perspective as well as other Black models I’ve come in contact with.

Here are my favorite top 7 facts of the modeling industry:

  1. Since the invention of Photoshop, almost everything is “fixed” using the computer to adjust a smile here or wrinkle there etc.
  2. Most models don’t look like their magazine spreads in REAL life. Shout outs to make up artists who do a great job in creating a beautiful illusion!
  3. Runways are hard to walk on! Especially the marble runways because they are slippery.
  4. Everyone thinks that to be a “Cool” model, you have to be represented by an agency. The agencies either take 20% or thereabouts of what you make. But in all honesty, most models don’t get paid that much unless you are a super model like Kate Moss.
  5. Most models don’t have eating disorders as they appear to be. I’ve come across some healthy models and others that opt out of eating meat. Some models are vegetarians or vegans.
  6. If you look like a model, you can get into any nightclubs in New York City. That’s a fact!!
  7. Everyone thinks that ALL models are snobs. Yes some are. This is due to the fact that the modeling industry presents a case where humility can only get you so far but with a little dash of attitude (not to be confused with senseless drama), more doors will open up for you.

Want to hear more about what our insider thinks about the modeling world? Then tune in tomorrow to hear her thoughts on "Fictions/misconceptions of the modeling industry"!

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