Sandra Appiah November 20, 2011

The Miss Africa USA Organization is proud to Present the new African Queen who will be representing Africa in America during her reign as Miss Africa USA 2011 – 2012.

The Cameroonian Beauty, Miss Ghyslaine (GiGi) Tchouaga was crowned Miss Africa USA 2011-12 on Sunday Nov 13th in the crowded Hilton Hotel Ballroom in Silver Spring, Maryland. The event which attracted hundreds of Africans and friends of Africa over a very hectic weekend culminated to the coronation of the 22year old Nursing student from Cameroon.

Over 150 African girls had registered for the pageant and auditioned to represent their countries this year.  16 finalists representing 16 countries made the cut to the finals and took a shot for he crown.  They were all amazing in their presentations and platforms for Africa.  Each and everyone of them committed to change the world around them with or without the crown.

CAMEROONIAN BEAUTY IS CROWNED MISS AFRICA USA  2011-12For the first time in the Pageant's seven year history, a Cameroonian walks away with the Crown.  Miss Tchouaga who was born in the Nation's capital Yaounde, some 22years ago, immigrated with her mother and siblings to the United States of America to pursue higher education and more opportunities for the family. 

A true Pan-Africanist, Ghyslaine's priority as stated in her platform is to help save lives in the Horn of Africa. She recognizes the emergency in Somalia and wants to immediately launch her campaign to 'Feed The Hungry' in Somalia. She says Cameroon is a very blessed country with enough food to feed even neighboring countries.

In an emotional appeal during platforms presentation, Miss Somalia moved the audience by recognizing Miss Cameroon's commitment to the crisis in Somalia. She could not believe another finalist could take interest in her country.

While she will focus on saving lives in Somalia she wants to also give back to her native Cameroon by organizing a Medical Mission in Cameroon to help with medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in rural and under developmed areas. She also wants to use her position to advocate for orphans and sick children in Cameroon. Queen Ghyslaine Tchouaga will be working closely with the Leon H Sullivan Foundation and the African Women's Development Foundation both registered non-profits in the United States of America, to achieve her dreams as a Goodwill Ambassador.

After a series of competition in Platform Presentations and Public Speaking, Talent, Fashion, traditional girl appearance, the top 10 countries were announced.  The top 10 were able to compete in one more round of fashion and style before the Judges elected the top five delegates.

The top ten included the following countries: Sierra Leone, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Republic of Guinee, Ghana, Ethiiopia, Cape Verde and the Republic of Cameroon.

The top five were: Ghana in 5th Place, Nigeria in 4th place, Guinee in 3rd place, Liberia in 3rd place and Cameroon walked home with the Crown.

The Pageant congratulates all 16 delegates who participated in the Pageant this year. They all have a strong passion for their chosen causes and the Pageant organization is working closely with the Leon Howard Sullivan Foundation to give each delegate an opportunity to pursue their passions as Good will Ambassadors through a Special Program called the AFRIPOLITAN CLUBS.

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