BY Mystery Jane, 1:00am November 28, 2011,

These Shoes Are Made For Walking…(Part II-The Fictions)

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Hope you’ve had time to marinate all from last week because here are my top 5 fictions/misconceptions of the modeling industry:

  • You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a model. There are different types of modeling; the trick is, you have to figure out where you fit in. For instance, there’s runway, print/ads etc. The pop music icon, actor, and model Grace Jones is a perfect example.
  • All models don’t have perfect skin, teeth, or feet! Due to wearing high heels (which sometimes are the wrong size) for long periods of time, some models have bad looking feet.
  • One of the most interesting fictions as of late is potential models going bald in order to get “The Look.” You don’t have to shave your head bald to be a model!
  • Models are human like the rest of us. It’s a job like any other job. The only difference is their job description.
  • Most models think that modeling is all there is to do. But ask Cindy Crawford who has divested her attention to motherhood as well as a successful businesswoman. At the end, the choice is yours.

Want to hear more from Mystery Jane? Tune in tomorrow for “Some helpful tips that will help an aspiring model break into this industry”!

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