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This child prodigy is already a CEO and university student at 11 years old

While several 11-year-olds around the world struggle with 6th-grade science classes, Elijah J.D Precciely is easing his way through Physics and Chemical Engineering classes at the Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This child prodigy is already a CEO and university student at 11 years old

In May 2018, Elijah made the news when he historically gained admission into Southern University on a full scholarship. After signing the scholarship deal with the University, news spread fast about his accomplishments making several news items and social media posts between May to November 2018.

This child prodigy is already a CEO and university student at 11 years old

Described as a child prodigy, Elijah recently began school and is back in the news with details of how his first few weeks have been. In an interview with KTVE, Elijah expressed his excitement about finally being in an environment he loves and has waited to join for a long time. The 11-year-old went on to explain his academics-first policy and how he manages to stand out in an environment of older people with more adult interests.

While school authorities think that he might need a little help to catch up, Elijah is already in the lead of things and is helping his course mates with studies both in and outside of the classroom. But school isn’t the only thing that Elijah is well versed in. The 11-year-old is already a founder and CEO and is in training to become a minister of God.

At the age of 8, Elijah’s mother decided to seek more help with his home tuition after the child prodigy was way ahead of his school year. Elijah was thus encouraged to take college-level classes in biology, physics, and business through Southern College where he was noticed and offered a scholarship.

This child prodigy is already a CEO and university student at 11 years old
Poster of Book Signing at Barnes and Noble
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Aside from his excellence in academics, Elijah is very much invested in the church and while in training to become a Minister, spends most of his time sharing the word of God even on Southern College campus. He is also a local radio talk show host sharing views on the Word of God and success for young people. To add to it all, Elijah is also the author of a Christian guide book 

In January 2016, Elijah interned at the Career Services on Southern University’s campus where he created inventions in the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

His discovered passion for science and inventions coupled with his experience in sharing the word of God and offering some sort of counselling to his peers at any given chance led him to start his own company, Elijah J.D Precciely Enterprise Inc., in 2018 that focuses on education, innovations, ministry work and entrepreneurship for young people.

This child prodigy is already a CEO and university student at 11 years old

In September 2018, his company joined the Southern University’s career fair with hopes of recruiting people to work for him. His career fair involvement made local news and became an inspiration for several entrepreneurs.

For the determined young man, his success has been through his dedication to God and working for the church. While the university offers a more challenging environment for him, Elijah is definitely up to the task of scoring high grades while managing his business and working toward his ministerial work. He is already planning for further studies while promising to take it “one day at a time”.

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