This Czech technology for the protection of personal documents against counterfeiting provides many benefits to Africa

F2FA April 19, 2018

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The African Union, which currently includes 55 states, is the largest ever project on the continent and is inspired by the European Union. One of the important issues, as well as for the EU, is the possibility of free movement of Africans between countries and the related legal problems of identifying people.

The lack of unification and the different technical levels of documents as well as the limited possibilities for verifying their authenticity are very important issues for present and future Africa. Therefore, new documents for Africa will be one of the main themes of the three-day expert conference and exhibition ID4Africa, which will be held in Nigeria on 24 April 2018.

The Czech technology company IQ Structures will also be present with its IQ proID technology, which provides entirely unique security of documents against counterfeiting and quick and easy authentication even if there is insufficient technical equipment at the given location. This original solution allows parts of the document to be covered with holographic security features, and there is now the possibility to combine the printed graphics of the document with holographic elements (metallic, transparent or both).

This can create visually sophisticated documents or a series of documents that are much better protected against counterfeiting. It is almost impossible to create an imitation of such a document, and any falsification is easily recognizable even at a non-professional level. Forgeries can be easily identified using e.g. simple optical devices or more advanced technologies.

This Czech technology for the protection of personal documents against counterfeiting provides many benefits to Africa

The protective elements created by the IQ proID technology cannot be removed or replaced in any way without damaging them, unlike several previous techniques. These elements are protected against manipulation, they are unrecoverable, any undesirable interference means their irretrievable destruction, and thus easy detection of a counterfeit.

The fight against document counterfeiting is an increasingly pressing issue, protecting a person’s identity is the subject of many current concepts, and advanced technologies play a major role in this fight.

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