This Nigerian-American writer’s 7-figure book deal is heading to the big screen

February 25, 2019 at 04:00 pm | Art Attack

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson | Staff Writer

February 25, 2019 at 04:00 pm | Art Attack

In 2018, 24-year-old Nigerian-American writer Tomi Adeyemi’s book, Children of Blood and Bones, received global recognition for not only scoring a 7-figure deal with Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group but also bringing attention to African mythology and cosmology through her storyline.

Children of Blood and Bone — Photo via @Booksforthesoul Instagram

The novel follows the story of Zélie Adeola, a young African girl on a journey to bring magic back to her home after the ruling elite kills her mother and other members of her community, and turn dark skin and magic into things to loathe.

Adeyemi’s story draws heavily from the rich culture and traditions of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The book made the list of several prestigious book clubs list and became a New York best seller barely two weeks after its release getting Tomi Adeyemi more publicity a debut writer has had in several years.

Following the huge success of the book, Tomi Adeyemi scored a movie adaptation deal with Fox 2000 which would bring the fantasy novel to life.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The movie will be directed by
renowned Nigerian-America Hollywood director Rick Famuyiwa known for his success with directing coming-of-age movie Dope and other movies such as The Wood and Brown Sugar.

Minutes after Hollywood Reporter took to Twitter to make the exclusive announcement, an overjoyed now 25-year-old Tomi Adeyemi retweeted the news with the caption: “Its happening you guys”.

According to Instyle, the second book, Children of Virtue and Vengeance is set to be released on June 4, 2019, and is already available for preorder.

With this great news coming in and the release of the second book, 2019 looks good for the Nigerian- American writer.

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