BY Christian Djimra Koumtog, 12:57pm February 18, 2016,

Poem: Fragments of Thoughts

South African forest in Magoebaskloof

South African forest in Magoebaskloof

South African forest in Magoebaskloof


Why wouldn’t we? We will focus on the littlest of gifts we have

Why not concentrate on what we don’t have and focus on things to lust after?

The biggest lie ever told was to thirst after all the desires of this world

Worry not about tomorrow, that was the truest of advice, amen to that!

Dear Beautiful Earth and Continent, you are a Daughter, Sister, and Wife,

The epicenter of our Hopes of aspiring achievements and Dreams in Life

Source of duties and Rights; as we face these mirages personified by Strife

Raising ourselves up in Might and against Doubt’s questions or a false light

Lighting up your Heart with a kiss, soothing words, and our mother’s Sight

Hoping for the rest of your day to get better, we will, from now on, be Bright.

Apple picked up from the forbidden tree of Zen,

Act done with love in admiration of a beautiful Season

You are mystical on this Eve of serendipitous moments

This little heartbeat has stepped on agonies and torments.

Eyes that dwell in a constant state of unknown sentiments,

Some of pure palpable fears and others of empty sacraments.

Apple picked again from the Eternal and Great Garden of Eden

Act committed out of curiosity as we kill that despicable serpent —

You, we will please until the end of times, love us more then; à demain (see you tomorrow).

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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