Tiffany Mensah, an author bringing to light effect of domestic violence on kids

Vivian Essi Avugla March 04, 2020

Tiffany Mensah is shining a light; bringing the forgotten to mind.

Mensah has written and released her first book titled, Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic Violence.

Mensah’s book gives readers a firsthand account of what it’s like to be ‘that child’, in the middle of chaos going through unsettling emotions and feeling forgotten and cast aside.

We see the abuse, hear the cries and the screams. We’re on the run with the victim. We watch as they are dealt with bad cards in life. Over looked and abandoned to fend for their emotional needs, it gets worse as their silence causes them to be mislabeled. They cry themselves to sleep just to have nightmares. And are never free from their flashbacks.

The book also talks about how adults even self-medicate to ease the pains of their troubled past.

Tiffany Mensah, an author bringing to light effect of domestic violence on kids

Carrying emotional burdens alongside victims or as victims themselves, it seems these children are often forgotten. The only evidence of their painful existence carved on walls of childhood homes and places they wished to exchange for homes but never found peace at.

Being one of the victims herself, she brings to life a real and raw perspective of the effects of growing up in a violent home. And although successful, she still felt her childhood trauma was bleeding into her promising future as she failed to suppress the memories and deal with the past.

Now she gives hope, and the knowledge that it is possible to live a life free from what you witnessed. But she doesn’t leave us on a sad note as she portrays a way to finding the strength that leads to healing and overcoming pain. She misses no word in letting the reader know that you are more than the trauma you witnessed.

Mensah is a woman of faith, author, advocate, marketing maven, and entrepreneur. With ten-plus years in Corporate America, she currently works as a marketing project manager while owning and operating Mensah & Co., a creative consulting agency.

Her latest book is not the only light she is shedding on domestic violence. She is most proud of the work she’s done personally and spiritually to address the childhood trauma and PTSD she experienced while growing up in a home plagued by domestic violence.

This work has fueled her to launch D.O.V.E.S. (Daily Overcoming Violence & Embracing Safety) Network. She is dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence and childhood domestic violence exposure through awareness and outreach programs.

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