Four Tech Trends That Are Reshaping Africa

Stephen chukumba April 05, 2016

Africa's largest solar carport in Kenya. (Photo:

Africa’s largest solar carport in Kenya. (Photo:

  • Alternative Energy

There is no question that reliable energy is a challenge in many parts of Africa. Over 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity, and another 1 billion live with regular blackouts. Of this number, 97 percent live in the developing Sub-Saharan Africa. This challenge is being met head on with advances in alternative energy sources like solar (ALA and Solar City), higher capacity batteries (Off Grid Electric) and kinetic energy (Unchartered Play).

These initiative are only a few of the innovations taking place in Africa. Countries like Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya have industry leading energy initiatives seeking to fill the gaps in their respective country’s current energy infrastructure.

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