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BY Abu Mubarik, 12:00pm September 05, 2021,

Two Black entrepreneurs who helped over 200 families become homeowners are back with new offers

These two Black entrepreneurs went viral in 2020 after helping 50 families become homeowners in six months

Christopher Watson and Aaron Steede are popularly known as the Credit Bros. The two first met on Facebook after exchanging comments over the fiscal deficit in the Black community. The conversation came on the back of a worrying report that the U.S. market is “splitting along racial lines,” with Black homeownership coming down to the lowest level since 1970.

After monitoring and analyzing people’s comments and complaints, the two came to the conclusion that the lack of homeownership among the African-American community was due to the lack of education about credit. And to help reverse the trend, they founded Credit Bros, a company that seeks to eliminate financial illiteracy by assisting individuals who need financial and credit guidance.

From receiving its first client in 2018, the company has expanded its client base from Nashville and Atlanta to have clients from all over the world. Watson and Steede went viral in 2020 for helping over 50 families own homes within six months. The two are also responsible for assisting over 200 people to get homes. Aside from offering credit knowledge, Watson and Steede have been helping clients in budgeting and maintaining their credit as a basis to create more wealth.

The two friends are out with a new service known as Dispute It 4 Free. The venture helps individuals and families to accurately monitor and correct their credit reports by removing invalid collection accounts and other errors, according to Black News.

The two partnered with a software company to make credit repair free. Also, their company Credit Bros has partnered with an investment firm named Johnson Capital Planning to assist their clients with budgeting, investing, retirement planning, portfolio management, and insurance coverage to protect families while growing their assets, as stated by Black News.

“With everything we are doing, the two hurdles we are seeing are pricing for credit restoration, or the independence of client’s wanting to fix their credit but rather have guidance along the way,” Watson said.

On his part, Steede said: “That’s an objection that we mainly see. They either can’t afford it monthly or want to fix it themselves but don’t know where to start. With Chris and me coming from the community, we understand both. Our overall goal is to help anyone willing to help themselves, whether the roadblock is a financial strain, or the avenue is independence. We also talked about how they planned on being an economic powerhouse in the upcoming years.”

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