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Two friends treat South African security guard to once in a lifetime helicopter ride over the rainbow nation

Kasa and his friends. Photo: Paige Goldstein / SWNS

Two friends in their 20s made a heartwarming gesture to their apartment’s security guard after they treated him to a helicopter ride as a token of appreciation for his hard work. Paige Goldstein and Chantel Wright are currently traveling the world while working remotely.

The two, who are currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, were having a conversation with the security guard, a man named Kasa, about a helicopter ride they had had earlier, according to the New York Post.

After learning that their apartment’s security guard, Kasa, had never experienced a helicopter or plane ride, Goldstein and Wright decided to surprise him.

On his day off, they took Kasa to a helipad for an unforgettable helicopter ride over his hometown, providing him with a remarkable and memorable experience he had never had before.

Goldstein, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, shared with SWNS that she and Wright “got to know him and thought it would be a nice gesture.”

Goldstein mentioned that Kasa was pleasantly surprised by the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the helicopter ride. “He was very happy and had a big smile on his face the whole time,” she said. 

All three embarked on the helicopter ride, enjoying the picturesque views of Cape Town. Goldstein observed that Kasa even identified the apartment building where he works during the flight.

“It was really special to help him see Cape Town from a different perspective,” she told SWNS. 

The pair expressed their satisfaction in giving back to Kasa for his diligent work and service to travelers.

Goldstein added, “I think it’s very rewarding traveling to places where you can connect and build relationships with the locals.”

Following the helicopter ride, the three enjoyed celebratory drinks together. Goldstein shared with SWNS that Kasa expressed his gratitude and mentioned that he would cherish the experience for the remainder of his life.

“He said he wanted to tell his future grandkids about it,” she recalled. 

Goldstein and Wright are members of a podcast named Fill Your Sol, featuring three women who discuss their experiences of traveling while working remotely. They met in Hawaii and launched the podcast in September 2022.

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