Face2face Africa launches Homecoming Tours to connect the world to Africa through momentous experiences

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Accra, Ghana

Face2Face Africa, the premier global black online news platform, in collaboration with Panaluxe Agency, is delighted to launch Homecoming Tours, a top-tier international travel brand poised to connect the world to Africa through momentous experiences. 

With an estimated population of over 1.4 billion, the African Continent is home to a wide demographic of people whose unique ethnicities and cultural identities, dynamic languages, sophisticated traditions, and remarkable histories extend beyond the ages and pillars of time. Aside from its lively people and vibrant cultures, the cradle of mankind is embedded with monumental treasures; historic landmarks, astounding relics, wildlife, the world’s largest desert, rainforests, natural resources, an amazing hospitality industry, and more – across its 54 countries.

In recent times, the continent has recorded an influx (an estimation of 30 million) of international tourists (mainly from Europe, the U.S., and Asia) whose curiosity and love for adventure have enticed them to embark on a memorable expedition to explore and have a first-hand experience of the Motherland. 

Moreover, with recent steps taken by African leaders, and initiatives like Ghana’s ‘Year of Return‘ campaign to urge black people in the diaspora to return or visit the continent in commemoration of the 400th year of the transatlantic slave trade, many have set their destination pins to Africa with the desire to seek out their roots and the hope to reconnect, but not knowing where to start.     

From the gateway to Africa to the horn of Africa, through its corridors across the continent, Homecoming Tours curates private and group tours for ancestral reconnection, sightseeing, cultural and learning experiences, fun festivals, and more. From the day of inquiry, through booking, until the day of departure, Homecoming Tours will connect guests to the heart and soul of the motherland like never before, showcasing its natural beauty, colorful cuisine, vibrant music, historical grandeur, cultural diversity, and myriad of traditional customs. The safety of all guests is our highest priority; therefore, we offer 24-hour assistance and reassurance of preparedness for any eventuality.

Additionally, Homecoming Tour prides itself in supporting and giving back to society by contributing a portion of its profits to deserving neighborhood non-profits that are bringing about a positive change in society; including the Pan-African Heritage Museum and Soccer for Dreamers. This is made possible by the clicks and bookings of our cherished customers.  For more information on our special packages and bookings, visit  https://homecoming.tours/ or send inquiries to homecoming@f2fafrica.com.

Face2Face Africa is a media company based in the United States, with an online portal that reports on Global Black news and current affairs; covering topics such as politics, entertainment, and culture. The company holds events, such as the 30 Black Stars Conference & Awards, the Pan-African Weekend, the FACE List Awards Gala, the IAAPA Networking Mixer Series, and the Pan-African Women Forum. Face2Face Africa primarily serves and reaches a global audience of people of African descent, which includes Africans, Blacks in America, and Afro-Europeans.

Last Edited by:Editor Updated: June 11, 2023


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