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BY Francis Akhalbey, 2:00pm April 25, 2019,

U.S. activist Angela Davis sends words of support to Sudanese protestors [Watch]

Angela Davis

Iconic African-American Civil Rights activist, Writer and feminist Angela Davis has sent words of solidarity and support to the Sudanese protestors and activists whose efforts contributed to the ousting of ex-president Omar al-Bashir who had been in power for 30 years.

U.S. activist Angela Davis sends words of support to Sudanese protestors [Watch]
Angela Davis

While lauding the success of the protests, she also urged them to continue with the struggle to achieve total democracy in the Arab nation.

“To the activists on the ground in Sudan, I would like on behalf of all those who are involved in progressive and radical social justice movements in the U.S. and elsewhere to congratulate you on your successes, particularly with the removal of al Bashir from power,” Davis started.

“I know that you will continue to struggle until you achieve freedom, and peace, and justice,” she concluded.

Take a look at the video below:

Years of economic struggle, dictatorship, police and military brutality and the stifling of dissent in Sudan by the Omar al-Bashir government were cut short on April 11 after four months of unabated protests yielded results.

Bashir, who is being sought by international prosecutors for alleged war crimes in the country’s western Darfur region, had earlier refused to step down and said his opponents should seek power through the ballot box.

After his removal, the military indicated that it would prosecute Bashir, but would not extradite him. As of last week, he was being held under tight security in solitary confinement in the Kobar prison noted for holding prisoners during his rule.

The military also searched his home and found the suitcases loaded with more than $351,000 and six million euros, as well as, five million Sudanese pounds, Reuters news agency reported Saturday.

Sudan’s prosecutors have since been investigating Bashir on charges of money laundering and possession of vast amounts of money without legal justification.

The following video shows the large hoard of cash that was found in Bashir’s home last week:


After the dissolution of Bashir’s government, the military said it will oversee a two-year transitional period followed by elections, but this was met with protests on the streets. The African Union has since given Sudan’s military three months to transfer power to civilian rule.

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