by Francis Akhalbey, at 07:46 am, February 20, 2018, News

In case you think Obama did not care about gun control, watch this video

Barack Obama -- Photo Credit: Chicago Sun Times

The issue of gun control in the United States is a never-ending back and forth story; Liberals vs Democrats, the National Rifle Association (who of course fund the Republican Party) always playing down reform proposals and basing their argument on the 2nd amendment etc.

Despite the unabated cases of gun violence year in year out, it seems like nothing would be done anytime soon to mitigate this. It’s always an all talk and no action merry-go-round.

Barack Obama, during his tenure as President of the United States on some occasions, proposed gun control reforms, however, both the Republican Congress and the NRA always turned deaf ears to it.

Take a look at this video where he talks about common sense gun laws and how, in one scenario, could not prohibit suspected ISIS sympathizers in the US from purchasing firearms because of the NRA.

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