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BY Francis Akhalbey, 8:00am August 25, 2021,

Video of White man scolding his wife for allegedly harassing Black couple goes viral

A viral video shows a White woman being scolded by her husband for allegedly harassing a Black couple -- Screenshots via Twitter

A video of a White woman being scolded by her husband for allegedly harassing a Black couple at a gas station has gone viral on social media.

TMZ reports the incident occurred some months ago and the confrontation was recorded by the Black couple. And though what led to the alleged verbal altercation between the White woman and the Black couple wasn’t disclosed, the White man looked visibly upset over his wife’s actions.

In the video, the White man can be seen yelling at his partner and ordering her to get into a vehicle. Their tense argument occurs while the Black couple observe from nearby.

“You don’t know him, you don’t know her,” the White man is heard telling his wife. “F**k you, get in the car.” The White woman, however, remains defiant and does not enter the vehicle. And while they continue to argue, the Black woman can be heard laughing at the White woman and also telling her to get in the car.

“You do not know anybody around here, you’re not special. Get your stupid a** in the car!,” the White man continues in his verbal tirade at his wife.

The White woman then goes ahead to claim the Black man is a drug dealer. But her husband shuts her down, yelling, “No he’s not.” “Why? Because he’s driving a f***ing Buick?” he asks his partner.

The woman later walks away and her partner is seen apologizing to the Black couple. They are also seen laughing over the drug dealing allegation before the video cuts.

“We felt very racially profiled,” the Black woman told TMZ about the confrontation. “I mean, we can’t even get gas?”

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