BY Ismail Akwei, 8:30am November 12, 2018,

Watch this powerful video from South Africa and you will never text and drive again

Snippet of Western Cape anti-drive texting ad

It is dangerous to walk and text at the same time. But, it is extremely dangerous, even deadly, to drive and text at the same time in any part of the world. This was demonstrated in a 40-second video by South Africa’s Western Cape Government as part of their Safely Home initiative.

The initiative was launched last year and it hilariously demonstrates the consequences of texting while walking from the beginning by showing phone-addicts walking into street lights, ponds, doors and objects in the street.

With a comedic soundtrack in the background while people trip and fall, the public service video carries the message: You Can’t Even Text and Walk. Seconds after the message, a woman is seen texting while driving.

An in-car camera shows the woman being hit by another vehicle from the side while her eyes were on her phone. The impact of the accident is soo graphic and can be felt from the video. It ended with the message: So Why Do You Text And Drive?

Watch the viral video below and sin no more.

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