BY Farida Dawkins, 1:24pm March 20, 2018,

What’s a good way to support black movies? Attend Black film festivals

Black Femme Supremacy Festival advertisement...Shadow and Act

We are well aware of the scarce representation of blacks in Hollywood and television.  And when we are highlighted on the big screens, many times it is not in the best light.  One way to change this is to support films formed by black directors and producers or movies starring black actors.

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival is a new formulation by filmmaker and writer/journalist Nia Hampton.  The aim is to “center femme-identified people of color, calling for short films, abstract videos or moving image pieces that center on black femmes.”

The event is slated to take place at the Waller Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland from April 13 – May 26.  Films selected for viewing will be shown on May 5 during Hampton’s “Drapetomania: The Strong Urge to Escape” gallery exhibit.

A self-described “nomadic writer and filmmaker,” Hampton “found her voice traveling throughout the Caribbean and South America. Using the angst-filled poetry she wrote during her high school and college career, she published an eBook to help fund a trip to Salvador, Bahia where she began documenting the interesting experience of Being Black in Brazil.” Her 2015 experience amidst the 2015 Baltimore uprising was documented and aired on Al Jazeera America and viewed over “a million times.”

There is still time to submit work to the Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival.  April 20 is the deadline and you can apply here.

Some other black film festivals to keep your radar on are the San Diego Black Film Festival from April 26 – 29, the Las Vegas Black Fim Festival occurring from April 26 – 29 and the American Black Film Festival taking place in Miami Beach, Florida from June 13-17.

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