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White Teacher to Students: ‘Don’t Make Me Call Trump To Get You Sent Back to Africa’

High School Teacher Threatens to Send African American Students Back to Africa
High school teacher John Sousa has been placed on administrative leave for telling a group of African-American high school students that he would call Donald Trump to get them sent back to Africa. Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

School administration officials in Pasco County, Florida, have suspended a teacher for threatening a group of African-American students, saying, “Don’t make me call Donald Trump to get you sent back to Africa.” John Sousa, a teacher and coach of the boy’s golf team at Wesley Chapel High School, was forced to go on administrative leave after a concerned parent complained to authorities about the racially charged statement.

The Beaches Tampa Bay reports that Sousa walked up to three African-American female students in between class periods demanding to know what they were doing.

After learning about Sousa’s comments, Donnie Jones Jr., a father to one of the three girls, immediately took to his Facebook page:

Jones’ Facebook post quickly garnered traction on social media prompting an intervention from the school administration authorities.

Director of Communications and Government Relations for Pasco County Public Schools Linda Cobbe said, “The school district is very troubled if one of our employees did say what he is accused of saying. We take this type of alleged behavior very seriously and we will not tolerate it. We can’t stand for that. We expect civility. We are following our investigative procedures and will take appropriate action.”

Sousa admitted to making the offensive statement but said his comments were not intended to be racially charged.

He claims that he was referring to a larger group of students in the school corridor, an account Jones’ daughter describes as false.


  • ammmanagement

    Why do people think it’s an insult to go to Africa? When people who are considered to be racist confronts an African-American in a hostile way they always tell them to ‘Go Back To Africa!’
    This is supposed to be an insult and many of us African-Americans tend to receive it as an insult.
    The truth of the matter is Africa is a very beautiful and welcoming continent. I have had the pleasure to visit multiple African countries and I must say that I have no regrets in those travels.
    I have also had the opportunity to travel to France, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and nearly every state in America. I must be honest with you out of all of my travels Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Anzania tops my list.
    I have never in my entire life seen a country as clean as Rwanda. It was so clean and organized. The majority of the women there wore their natural hair. That was an amazing site!
    Then Uganda, my personal favorite country in the world, is very green. It reminds me of a giant floral paradise (especially Fort Portal). The people are exceptionally nice, the food is beyond perfect (Matooke, being their staple food) and the weather is mind-blowing. The weather is tropical, about 77 degrees year round.
    Kenya and Anzania (known to most as South Africa) were very nice as well. Each had there own uniqueness.
    On the other hand the place that I have heard of my entire life as a paradise/dream was the most filthy place on the planet. The streets were painted with dog crap (this included the sidewalk as well). The people were very rude and to top it off most of them were musty. The country I’m speaking about is France!
    Now the way we have been conditioned (I’m speaking of African-Americans) we would prefer to arrange our vacation for Paris, France opposed to an African country. This is because as early as our primary years we have been taught very negative things about Africa. We have been taught that all of our brothers and sisters on the continent have some sort of disease, that they are all starving and that they live in jungles.
    This is the further thing from the truth! As I mentioned early African countries are extremely beautiful and the people are even more beautiful.
    Another lie we have been told is that Africans hate African-Americans. This is the furthest thing from the truth! When an African on the continent greet a visiting African-American they immediately embrace you and tell you in such a loving voice, “Welcome Home!”
    I know there is a disconnect between Africans that are currently living in America and African-Americans. I have personally been told by a number of Africans that live in America that when they go through immigration they are told from immigration officers to stay away from African-Americans. They are told that if they hang around us then they can lose their green card. That answers the disconnect that we see in America between Africans and African-Americans.
    There is one final lie that I would like to dispel is the biggest one that we have been told, that it was our African brothers and sisters that had sold us into slavery.
    Now what is important to consider with the last mentioned lie is that the very person that has taught us that is the very one that was responsible for enslaving us and further for colonizing the entire continent (with the exception of Ethiopia).
    Chancellor Williams the author of ‘Destruction of the Black Civilization’ wrote “When the oppressor tells the story of the oppressed they tell it from the oppressors viewpoint.”
    What I am trying to say is blacks worldwide (this include the vast majority of African countries) are being educated by whites. We are the only people on the planet that does not have our own education system. Therefore, it is easy for the whites to teach us that we sold one another into slavery. The point of this is to lighten their burden. So this is one that we have to discredit immediately because it is being taught to us by the very ones that benefited off of our enslavement.
    In my closing I would like to say the next time someone tells your to go back to Africa you should consider that as a high honor. Africa is our home and what a might beautiful home it is!

    • Cpt_Justice

      It’s an insult because they are saying that African Americans don’t belong here. And it’s further insulting because we all know the ancestors (even if just spiritual) of that bigot were the ones who dragged the ancestors (literal) of those children over here in the first place. (Or were you being rhetorical for the chance to mock these bigots another way? I apologize if I was dense)

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    He claims he was addressing a larger group of students. Why does he think that would make his statement any more acceptable? He lacks the good judgment to be in a position of authority over anyone. Clearly, his parents never taught him the idea that just become a thought comes into your head, it doesn’t need to come out of your mouth.