Why rapper Ludacris is attached to his 1993 Acura Legend despite his $25m net worth

Stephen Nartey May 08, 2023
The Fast and Furious star purchased the vehicle in 1999 when his career began to peak, and still drives it almost 30 years on. Photo credit: Flickr

Many hip-hop artists enjoy living extravagant lifestyles, however, when it comes to cars, American rapper, actor, and record executive, Ludacris, may have a fleet of them, but still remains attached to his 1993 Acura Legend. Looking back, this model was the hottest car for almost all the A-list artists a couple of decades ago when the world had finally caught on to the vibrant hip-hop buzz back in the early 90s.

They found ways of weaving the essence of the vehicle into their lyrics, from A Tribe Called Quest to the Wu-Tang Clan. Despite his net worth of over $25 million, Ludacris has a special affinity for his 1993 Acura Legend. The automobile was designed for the middle management class market, however, it quickly became a favorite among high flying hip pop artists, drug barons, and anyone seeking to live a roller coaster life.

The Fast and Furious star purchased the vehicle in 1999 when his career began to peak, and still drives it almost 30 years on. To the average hip pop or car-loving Joe, it’s just a beige 90s sedan, but for the rapper, the car symbolizes his journey through life and how far he has come.

While many European luxury cars built in the early 90s have either broken down or ended up in the junkyard, the engineering, and quality of the 1993 Acura Legend make it still fashionable even to date. The only dent Ludacris had on the vehicle was at its rear right door and the quarter panel after it was involved in a motor accident. However, when Acura’s manufacturers heard about the car’s plight, they stepped in to modify the vehicle for the rapper, upgrading it to suit his status and taste.

The company spent two months working to place the vehicle in top shape at its Acura Design studio in California, specking it up and improving its performance with 18-inch Rays wheels, lowering the suspension, giving it wildwood brakes at its front and rear, and a bumping new pioneer sound system. The car was then repainted with the factory’s warm cashmere and a touch of icy pearl to make it stand out while driving on the street.

The team had to skim through junkyards for scraps and their parts bins to find what they required for the super restoration job. Though it was made in the nineties, the 1993 Acura Legend is fit for the century. The remodeled car was later exhibited at the 2015 SEMA show, where it received plaudits and praise.  

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