WIPO Enforces Copyright Rules For African Entertainers

Isabel Herrera June 18, 2011

WIPO Enforces Copyright Rules For African EntertainersFor centuries, the predominant source of inspiration for music has been derived from musicians and producers.

With most people illegally downloading music and consuming entertainment illegally, people barely contemplate to question the copyright and management issues involved in producing the music we listen to. The specific issue at hand concerns African artists who are not properly compensated, since copyright laws and licensing protocols are not fully enforced. Their material is available for the public to acquire, however, they have little protective rights to their music.

WIPO Enforces Copyright Rules For African EntertainersDue to this, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has evaluated the circumstances and has taken imminent measures to aid the African entertainment Industry. WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry, has announced an upcoming project to generate a digital platform through Google that will allow composers and artists to attain monetary payment for their efforts in 11 West African countries.

The partnership between WIPO and Google to create the web-based system will be built upon the WIPO Software for Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights (WIPOCOS). This powerful collaboration among entities will ensure that everything from copyright infrastructure in developing countries is more easily accessible, to cross-border licensing.

"We are pleased to be able to contribute to this effort, because we have a keen interest in making it easier for creators and performers to be remunerated for their works and in enabling new innovative content services to emerge online. Google has a history of working with public institutions like WIPO to build technology solutions; we will continue to build these partnerships to benefit creators, consumers and the public-at-large," stated Google Vice President for the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Europe.

The right for artists to protect their own material isn’t easy to attain. However, through WIPO’s current development, Africa will be able to revolutionize the idea of equal distribution within its societies. Countries will also be able to consider the possible outlets they, as audience members can latch onto to help the cause.

Credit is owed when it’s due; and it’s about time consumers begin to acknowledge the grand artistic contribution of African communities.

WIPO Enforces Copyright Rules For African Entertainers


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