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Woman shares how she makes $5,000 a month washing people’s clothes through an app

Crisia Nuñez. Photo credit: Business Insider

Crisia Nuñez, 34, was an Uber driver earning a little below $500 a week, in addition to other cleaning services she did as a side hustle. Then she came across SudShare, a laundry-service app, on Facebook. She did her own investigation and later applied to become a launderer.

When she got approved as a SudShare member, Crisia earned between $600 to $700 a week in the beginning, and as more clients placed orders, she saw her earnings rise to $1,000 a week within six months and now she makes about $1,300 per week, or about $5,000 monthly, according to Business Insider.

According to the Dominican Republic-born woman who now lives in Orlando, Florida, she washes about 15 loads of clothes a day although the figure could vary depending on the volume of customers on the app. On average, she makes $15 to $20 per bag of laundry. And on a good day, she is able to make $55 to $60 on a bag of laundry.

“We receive 75 cents per pound as Sudsters plus bonuses sometimes from the company. If the load is under 20 pounds, the client is charged the minimum rate of $20, of which we receive $15, regardless of the weight,” she said.

Crisia uses both manual and machine to do her laundry. On days that she gets fewer orders, like two or three bags, she does the laundry at home and when she gets voluminous orders, she takes them to her local laundromat for efficiency. She usually does the laundry with her boyfriend.

Although her new hustle is flexible and she works at her own pace, she works from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. When she wakes up at 8:00 am, she checks the app to see if she has new orders and if she does, Crisia makes arrangements to pick them up.

“I always try to collect all my orders by 1 p.m. and deliver them back by the end of the afternoon. Usually, if I pick up a lot of clothes, I don’t deliver them the same day, but I deliver them all by the next morning,” she said.

Crisia works eight hours straight in the afternoon after she takes her orders in the morning. And because of the work schedule she has designed for herself, Crisia takes advantage of the moment when she has no orders to eat.

Her laundry job has not always been easy as there are occasions where she gets people’s clothes mixed up, or customers complain that the washing wasn’t done well.

“Normally I mark the loads with the clients’ names, but one day I didn’t get to mark one load and he [Crisia’s boyfriend] accidentally mixed it up with another. That was a disaster,” she said.

“I didn’t know what to do, and I had to start reviewing garment by garment, size by size, to figure out what belonged to each client. I contacted the company, and I let both clients know so that they were aware of the inconvenience. But in the end, we were able to solve it, and we delivered everything in order.”

Crisia is aiming to open her own laundry business and take advantage of the many customers she has built through SudShare. For others who want to be like her, Crisia’s advice to them is not to despair but to be consistent in what they do.

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