Woman who shed 15 pounds in 3 months reveals 3 tips for those who can’t follow the viral 75 Hard Challenge

Stephen Nartey November 15, 2023
Natalie Arnell drops 15 pounds. Photo: TikTok/ @getfittwithnatt.

An Oregon woman, Natalie Arnell, has successfully gone from 171 pounds to 156 pounds, representing a loss of 15 pounds in three months following the viral 75 Hard Challenge. Going according to the 75-day program, designed by entrepreneur Andy Frisella, she maintained a daily calorie deficit, consumed a gallon of water, read 10 pages of a book, and completed two 45-minute workouts, with one being outdoors.

In a video, she shared her top three weight loss tips for those who want to lose weight without following the 75 Hard Challenge. Her first suggestion is for such persons to create healthier versions of their favorite foods at home rather than opting for restaurant meals or takeout.

“You control the quality of the ingredients this way,” she explained. 

She said while following the 75 Hard Challenge, she maintained a calorie deficit, consuming around 2,100 calories daily. Arnell’s meals typically included seafood or steak, vegetables, and a carbohydrate like rice. She added that she successfully incorporated healthier homemade versions of her cravings, such as pizza and French toast while following her weight loss journey.

She managed to include a daily dessert in her routine and still achieved weight loss results, according to the Daily Mail.

Arnell’s second weight loss tip is to reduce alcohol consumption, a practice she adopted during the 75 Hard Challenge where alcohol is prohibited. Instead, she prioritized her daily water intake, highlighting the calorie density of alcohol and the tendency for people to consume more than one drink.

Arnell’s third weight loss tip is to engage in at least 30 minutes of daily movement, underscoring the significance of a daily walk.

While completing the 75 Hard Challenge, which involved two workouts a day, Arnell noted the transformative power of consistent walking. She emphasized that this challenge positively impacted her life, proving that achieving the desired body is possible without enduring unnecessary hardship.

She revealed that it took three years to discover that making her favorite foods at home, daily walks, low-impact workouts, and ample water intake contributed to achieving her dream body.

In a supportive message, she reassured that one can enjoy foods like pizza and still lose weight, and pushed for a balanced and enjoyable approach to life without excessive restrictions.

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