Cressana Williams-Massey


Born and raised in Jamaica, I am pursuing my Master of Philosophy in Chemistry Degree and the focus of my research is on extraction and the characterisation of natural products from various species of plants in the Genus Pimenta; these are plants known to have medicinal properties. I am very passionate about social issues and believe that it is my duty to help fix the various ailments of the Jamaican society where I can. Therefore, I dedicate my time and energy to volunteer work or just educate Jamaicans about Black history (especially the ancient Egyptians) so that they can find out who they are, rise out of the victim mentality, and simply take charge of their lives. I have received several awards, including national recognition for my community service activities. In the year 2011, I was awarded the Governor General Youth of Excellence Award for the parish of Westmoreland in Leadership and Achievements. In that same year I was given another award, which is the Governor General’s National Youth of Excellence Award for the county of Cornwall. Subsequently, I was recommended to serve as a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Westmoreland and was installed in August of 2012. Consequently, I am currently one of the youngest serving Justices of the Peace in Jamaica.

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