10 businesses owned by the wealthy Elnefeidi family of Sudan

Ben Ebuka July 19, 2023
Born in 1917, Haj Bashir Elnefeidi died in 2005, leaving behind an enviable and indelible family business empire. Photo credit: Elnefeidi Group

The multinational conglomerate of the Elnefeidi family – Elnefeidi Group, was founded in 1934 by the family’s Patriarch, Haj Bashir Elnefeidi; who began his entrepreneurship journey in 1934, selling soap in Khartoum, Sudan.

From his humble beginning, he successfully expanded the business into a well-known multinational conglomerate that has subsidiaries in logistics, trade, real estate, industrial development, banking, agriculture, aviation, food processing, and more – with a presence in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Born in 1917, Haj Bashir Elnefeidi died in 2005, leaving behind an enviable and indelible family business empire. Today, his success stands as a testament to his visionary leadership. The legacy he left behind – Elnefeidi Group is led today by a member of the family – Amin Bashir Elnefeidi, the Group President.

Through persistent hard work, the wealthy Sudanese family has established a clear part in many sectors of the world and stands firm as one of the economic engineers in the world, and among the wealthiest families in Africa.

With their achievements in the spotlight, here are 10 businesses owned by the Elnefeidi family of Sudan.

Bashir Motors

Bashir Motors was established in 2005 as the sole and exclusive agent of Nissan Motors Ltd. in Sudan. It is the exclusive distributor of Scania products and services in the North-East African nation, providing the Sudanese market with transport solutions – heavy trucks, buses, and generator sets, high-quality genuine spare parts, and after-sales services that strictly comply with Scania’s unparalleled standards.

Elnefeidi Tires Retreading And Rehabilitation Factory

The Elnefeidi Group established the NTRRF tire retreading center in Khartoum North on August 6, 1994. NTRRF retreads used tires and places them back into full service, allowing as many kilometers of use as the original tires. Used tires are retreaded at an estimated cost of about 40% of the price of a new tire, saving customers 60% of the value of a new tire.

7 Rent A Car

7 Rent a Car was established in May 2006 as a subsidiary of Elnefeidi Group to provide high-standard vehicles on long and short-term lease contracts, with a fleet of more than 250 vehicles of different models and types.


FlyDubai is a low-cost airline owned by the Dubai Government. Its operations in Sudan are administered and managed by the Elnefeidi Group.


The Elnefeidi Group Ventured into the food business through AFISA Food, a subsidiary of the Group, Trans Afrique General Trading FZCO. AFISA Food is a food-processing company founded in 2015, focusing on the production of wheat flour as its primary activity.

Logistics Division

Elnefeidi Group started commercial land transportation in 1973. In August 2022, Raiba Land Transport was established as the flagship company of the Group. The combined efforts of the four companies under the Logistics Division – Raiba Trans (Sudan), Delta Logistics (Sudan), Trans Afrique (Cameroon), and Shift Logistics (UAE) positions Elnefeidi Group as the leading logistics provider in the region. 

Elnourus Real Estate Investment Co.

Established in 2000, Elnourse Real Estate Investment CO. Ltd. executes comprehensive housing projects and harnesses the prevailing opportunities in the real estate sector in Sudan. Elnefeidi Group owns a wealth of real estate: land, buildings, villas, offices, stores, and warehouses in strategic and attractive locations.

Inmaa Poultry and Feed Production Company

In 2005, Elnefeidi Group partnered with Egypt’s Al Wadi Holding Group to establish Inmaa Poultry and Feed Production Company. Ventures operating under the partnership include Inmaa Poultry & Feed, Inmaa Agriculture, Inmaa Trading, and Inmaa Engineering.

Khartoum Land Terminal

In 2003, the Sudan Ministry of Public Works, the National Social Insurance Fund, and the Elnefeidi Group joined their combined experiences in different fields to provide cost-efficient, safe, on-time, reliable, convenient, and clean transportation services. As a result, Khartoum Land Terminal was brought into being and formally commenced its operations on October 24, 2004.

Sahil Electronic Services Co.

Sahil Electronic Services Co. is a limited liability company headquartered in Sudan. It was established in 2009 as a joint venture between Tawasul Electronic Network Solutions – Oman, a leading expert in the IT sector, and RAIBA Land Trans Ltd, a subsidiary of Elnefeidi Group, with a vision to be the leading electronic payment distribution and collection solutions company in Sudan and Africa.

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