20 timeless African traditional music you should go back to

Rahman Nii Ayi Aryee June 25, 2018
Photo Credit: tribaldancemusic.com

Africans are best known worldwide for their traditional music. These songs mostly have danceable and pleasing instrumentals. Whenever you hear the tune of African traditional music, you are tempted to sing along (that is if you know the language) and get your dancing shoes on.

Join Face2face Africa as we highlight some top 20 timeless traditional African music you ought to add to your playlist.

1. Mech Ayeshiwuna – Soloman Demle (Ethiopia)  

2. Senegal – Mamadou (Senegal)

3. Tshitua Fuila Mulaba  – Kasai Allstars (Congo)

4. Gnonnou – Don Metok (Benin)

5. Egnon – King Mensah (Togo)

6. Okalichara – Okalichara Ibe (Nigeria)

7. Wenu Se Goli – Madosini (South Africa)

8. Atankanyukwile – Saida Karoli (Tanzania)

9. Wulomei traditional group (Ghana)

10. Djembe music – Old Grand Masters (Mali)

11. A Hi Dzimeni – Neyma (Mozambique)

12. Kena me Dokta – Jean Bikoko Aladin (Cameroon)

13. Neria – Mbuya Madhuve (Zimbabwe)

14. Laba Laba – Luckson Padaud (Ivory coast)

15. Nubian music from Sudan

16. Cumar Dhule – Cabdullahi Qarshi (Somalia)

17. Inzozi – Annie Gatera (Rwanda)

18. Acinkanga Malawian traditional music group

19. Traditional music – Moussa Coulibaly (Burkina Faso)

20. Crise Economique – Hilarion Nguema (Gabon)

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: June 25, 2018


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