2019 vs 2020: Lil Nas X shares his remarkable glow up a year after releasing ‘Old Town Road’

Lil Nas X

When you confidently speak things into existence, the likelihood of the odds being in your favor are always marginally high especially if you put in the necessary work. At the end of the day, where there is a will, there is always a way, and this is the case of Lil Nas X.

2019 was a very stellar year for the country rap musician, thanks to his multi-platinum selling, award-winning, chart-topping and record-breaking single, Old Town Road. Born Montero Hill, the 20-year-old’s rise to stardom after the single went viral has been sensational.

Taking to his Twitter page to share how his life changed in the twinkle of an eye, the musician posted a January 8, 2019 video talking about the single a month after he released it.

The video starts with him holding a box of pizza asking what date it is to which he says: “January the 8th, 2019.”

While munching on the pizza, he continues: “Just put out ‘Old Town Road’ and it’s doing pretty f*cking good. Right now, I’m at 3K on Instagram, 2K on YouTube, not even 1K followers on Spotify yet, I don’t think…but I’ma hit y’all a year from now and see where I’m at.”

In the second video which he shared dated the same day a year later, the rapper, who is looking all dapper and totally transformed shares an update on how the exceptional single has performed a year later.

Dressed in an all-white jacket while happily helping himself to some pizza, he says: “What day is it? January the 8th, 2020…a year ago I put out ‘Old Town Road.’ It did pretty fucking good. I’m at 5 million on Instagram, 8 million on YouTube, and around 30 million Spotify listeners,” he proudly said.

“It’s been a year and I just wanted to give a big thank you to everybody who has helped me get to where I am. And I’ll be back with you guys 10 years from now and we’ll see where I’m at,” he enthusiastically added.

Take a look at the video below:

Last Edited by:Ama Nunoo Updated: February 4, 2021


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