4-year-old goes viral for praying just like his grandma: ‘Just bless my soul this minute’

Dollita Okine January 16, 2024
His mother, Stacy Robinson, noticed her son's likeness to his grandmother when he started praying. Photo Credit: TikTok

Josiah Robinson, 4, has stunned the internet with his affinity for his grandmother. According to People, his mother, Stacy Robinson, noticed her son’s likeness to his grandmother when he started praying. 

She uploaded a video to TikTok with over 20 million views, captioning it, “My son prays just like my mama,” referring to the fact that her son began to pray and speak just like her mother. 

He mimicked many of her gestures, even though he spoke in his own words. In the video, Josiah jerked his head back and forth, saying, “Oh my God! Just heal my body, God! Just bless my soul this minute, Oh God! Bless my soul and heal my sickness! Oh, God, take away my sickness. Oh god.”

“Amen, but you’re supposed to be saying your Grace. Are you gonna say your Grace for your food?” Robinson reminds her son in the clip.

“I’m blessing me for to get better okay,” Josiah says in protest. “Okay, can you bless your food too?” his mom asks.

Her comments section was filled with fans who encouraged her son’s actions. One said, “They ain’t like they’re best friends He copies everything she does. I’m just glad she doesn’t cuss or he would be doing that too.”

Another joked, saying, “If my son ain’t prayin like this I don’t want him.”

One person added, “Many of you don’t even get how powerfully this really is. He can pray for me ANY Day! Heaven heard this prayer‼️

Meanwhile, the proud mother explained to People that Josiah “loves to laugh and mimic people, hence his tone while praying in the video.”

“My mom babysits him and he hears and sees her praying quite often. The tone was my mom’s, but the words were his. His sincerity was evident to the millions of people who’ve viewed the video,” she said.

“Josiah has a majorly good sense of humor. People love this kid no matter where we go. Strangers can see that there’s something amazingly special about him,” she added.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: January 16, 2024


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