5 African creation stories you did not know about

Nduta Waweru June 29, 2018

Efik Women. Photo: Connect Nigeria

The Efik and the meal in heaven

Abassi, the creator, was not too sure about the two humans he had created for he feared their ambition. He was on the verge of denying them the opportunity to live on earth if not for the intercession of his wife. He, however, gave one condition: that humans must take meals with him in heaven.  He forbade them from hunting, farming and procreating.

However, the female human went against Abassi and started growing food on earth and stopped showing up in heaven to eat.  The two humans worked the farm together and eventually had three children, whom they were hiding from Abassi.  When he discovered their discretion, he punished them with chaos and death.


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