5 African creation stories you did not know about

Nduta Waweru June 29, 2018

5 African creation stories you did not know about

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The Fan and the destruction of the first earth

The creation story of the Fan or Fang tribe that lives in West Africa features a god trilogy comprising Mabere, Nzame and Nkwa.

Nzame created heaven and earth and called the other gods to admire his handiwork. In the process, they thought they’d be better off if the earth had a ruler. Therefore they created Fam, a creature in their image and likeness.

Fam was in charge of the animals but over time he mistreated the animals and turned against the gods. Angry and disappointed, the gods destroyed everything except Fam, to whom they had promised immortality.  They then decided to create a new layer of earth a new tree grew on it.

The tree dropped seeds, which grew to more trees.  As they shed, the leaves that fell into water turned into fish and those that fell on land turned into animals.

Nzame then decided to create a new Fam and called him Sekume. Sekume fashioned a woman from a tree and called Mbongwe. They then had many children

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