BY Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson, 4:11pm November 05, 2018,

5 British royal visits that attempted to pacify Africa after years of colonization

With the recent royal tour of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Africa, several discussions and memories from the past have come up in African media. This is not the first time the royal prince or any royal from England has stepped foot on African soil. However, royal visits seem to stir conversations, controversies and a lot of media coverage any time it happens.

For many, the British royal visits do not carry any importance if the British refuse to return several stolen monuments and mineral resources during the scramble for Africa, slave trade and colonisation.

The British colonised and ruled about 20 c0untries out of 54 countries in Africa and were present in the continent from the early 1600s. After the anti-colonization struggle and independence, they were forced to leave Africa to handle its own affairs.

After a few years of independence, the Queen made several visits to many African countries in what can be described as an attempt to mend the past and solidify a relationship for mutual benefits.

Here a 5 of the most memorable visits Queen Elizabeth II made to some African countries a few years after they gained their independence from Britain.

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