5 pivotal moments Black women rebelled and changed the course of history


The Three Rebel Queens

Mary Thomas, Axeline Elizabeth Salomon and Mathilda Mcbean are remembered by the natives of St. Croix and the world at large for their immense contribution to the noble cause of the abolition of slavery. In 1878, houses, sugar mills and over 50 plantations in St. Croix were burned down in protest against unfair treatment of people of Black origin, and the Three Rebel Queens contributed significantly and unapologetically to the cause. The Danish slave colony in St. Croix was not as ‘free’ as was expected by those innocent Afrikan Kings and Queens held as slaves even after the declaration of the Emancipation Proclamation Act. Mary, Axeline and Mathilda in view of the turn of events in St. Croix gave their lives to the restitution of justice through the only means that attract the attention of slaveholders. The West Indies have erected statues to grace their immense contribution to the cause of freedom and a main road in St. Croix has been named after Mary Thomas.


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