5 pivotal moments Black women rebelled and changed the course of history

This image is not a visual representation of the Queen Coziah, however, it represents one of the coal-carriers of the time.
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Queen Coziah

Queen Coziah Harmon and three of her siblings were all coal loaders in St. Thomas in the late 19th century. The owners of those coal mines they worked for were however unfair in their relation to the workers. Queen Coziah with regards to the situation led in rebellion a non-violent protest against the working and living conditions of herself, her family and every other worker in St. Thomas. It is noteworthy to note that Queen Coziah, her sisters and all who joined hands in the passive act of rebellion had little to no formal education, but they are recorded to have chosen by virtue of thoughtfulness a constructive way of dealing with their grievances. Some scholars have asserted that her non-violent approach influenced Dr Martin Luther King’s approach to his Civil Rights movement.


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