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BY Francis Akhalbey, 10:29am July 30, 2019,

5-year-old Chicago boy hailed hero after saving over 10 family members from fire

Screenshot via NBC Chicago

When 5-year-old Jayden Espinosa realized there was a fire outbreak in their Chicago home and almost all his relatives, who were unaware were asleep upstairs, he showed maturity by quickly going up to alert them and prevent a fatal disaster from occurring.

Though the family lost everything in the aftermath of the incident, all 13 of them, who were in the house when the fire started were grateful to little Espinosa for his smart thinking, NBC Chicago reports.

“I just walked in there and seen the flames in there in the kitchen,” Espinosa said. “It made my bones hurt.”

“I wanted to go tell someone,” he added.

Walking out of the incident without any injuries, the family was also able to save their 30-year-old pet turtle.

“Without Jayden, I don’t think we would have survived,” his aunt told NBC Chicago. “He said ‘auntie, auntie, there’s a fire. We need to get out.’ I never smelled any smoke and the fire alarms never went off. I’m so glad he was there.”

The kindergartner, who also has dreams of becoming a firefighter in future was lauded by his father for his heroic antics.

“What he did was courageous. I would hope that anyone would do the same thing,” he said.

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